Understanding the Skope of NetSkope

To conclude our first day in Silicon Valley, we visited a startup company called Netskope.  Netskope is what’s known as a Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) and they provide their Software as a Service (Saas) to other businesses based on an annual subscription.  CASB is a service marketed to businesses that have a need to ensure that all of the laptops, mobile devices, and apps connected to the business’s network and in communication with cloud services such as Office 365, DropBox, or Amazon are being used in a manner that protects the integrity of sensitive information within the company to ensure that no data is being leaked to the public.  We had the opportunity to speak with a range of employees including the SVP of Sales to their CFO.

Netskope is a company very much on the rise with the way the “cloud” infrastructure has become so commonplace for many apps and services and the demand to have a CASB for your business will become more and more necessary.  Netskope sets itself apart from their competition due to the idea that their SVP of Sales, Chris Andrews, explained very clearly. As he described, most CASB companies have a binary mindset in that they both allow employees to access and use a certain app or they block access to that app entirely and there is no in between, however with Netskope’s software they can allow certain functions within the app to be functional but other functions within the app can be shut down.  Another thing that is revolutionary about their software is that they have a very easy to use and transparent software that is easy to manage and use for each business.

What I loved most about Netskope’s business was their culture and how they got along with one another.  Throughout the talk they would poke fun at one another and were always upbeat and enthusiastic about their product.  Most importantly though, they emphasized that their customers are their primary concern and if they aren’t satisfying them, then they aren’t satisfied with their product and they make sure, regardless of the politics of the situation, their one goal in mind is to provide their customers with a product that they know will satisfy the needs of the customer.  Another thing I thought was really awesome of them is that they are also very active within the San Francisco area and they participate in food banks and other volunteer associations to give back to the community that has influenced and helped how they run their business.

Netskope was truly a unique experience and after our talk with them I am much more interested in the “cloud” and the security measures that need to be taken to ensure data is kept secure.  I am also much more interested now in pursuing a career here in the Silicon Valley because the startup culture seems like a very rewarding road both personally and financially and the friendships you make are truly unique and ones that can last a lifetime.