The Face of the Valley

During Villanova’s second day in the Valley, our cohort paid a visit to Facebook’s headquarters in Menlo Park. Upon entering, the campus felt more like a small town teeming with technological creativity and excitement than an office building. As the largest social media provider in the world, Facebook knows how to continue to grow this culture as the business grows and continues to break barriers.

We met with Villanova alum Deepanjan De (COE ’04), an industry lead at Facebook, and were given a presentation on the culture of hacking and “failing quickly” at Facebook. Some of their biggest features (such as the like button) have come from quick hacks, and it is a culture like this that has kept the company growing at such an amazing rate for so many years. De also discussed with us the future trajectory of Facebook and their role in supplying internet and basic services to developing countries through a variety of services.

With the goal of connecting the entire world to the internet, De discussed both the building of the solar powered drones and the work Facebook does with entrepreneurs to connect developing areas to the internet cheaply. Facebook’s values don’t only apply to its software and core website, but towards its ultimate goal of creating a more open and connected world.

With almost 1.8 billion Facebook users, Facebook is seemingly getting pretty close to attaining their goal. However, De suggested that they feel there is so much more that they can do to improve the world and technology that they’re only just getting started—part of the mindset that makes Facebook the giant in the Valley it is today.

After a tour of the campus’s shops, restaurants, and arcade and hearing about the work they do from De, it is no wonder Facebook attracts such top talent and is able to innovate at such an unprecedented rate.

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