Sequoia Invests in Us

On Tuesday morning, our cohort got the chance to do something most startups would give an arm and a leg for: an opportunity to have a conversation with Sequoia Capital at their headquarters on Sand Hill Road. Speaking with us was Andrew Reed, a former Goldman Sachs investment banker who became a partner with Sequoia in 2014. Andrew spoke to us about his experiences and gave us an outline of the daily processes and ethos of what most would consider the top Venture Capital firm on the planet. Despite having been in Silicon Valley for less than two days, Sequoia has been mentioned in some capacity at nearly every startup we have visited, demonstrating how intertwined with the startup economy it truly is.

Andrew spoke about his path to where he is right now, touching on the differences between his life as an investment banker, and how he got into venture. After receiving a major in classic literature and spending time on an archaeological sight, his journey continues a theme that we have learned on this trip that there are many different paths to you can take to wind up here in the Valley.

Upon entering the door of this Silicon Valley holy land, I observed that the building felt elegant and yet subdued. There were no statues or fountains or trumpets and horns broadcasting Sequoia’s unparalleled success; rather the building reflected the fact that Sequoia was not allowing itself to become too comfortable or bask in the glory of its past achievements. These are traits that Andrew would go onto tell us that a Venture firm must posses. With even just one bad round of investments, an entire firm can go under.