Paving the Way in Cybersecurity

To start off our day, we visited ForeScout. We met with Michael DeCesare the current CEO of ForeScout. He is also the class of ‘88 Villanova alumni with a degree in Communications and a minor in Computer Science. He has always had an interest in technology and was able to make his way through executive positions within security divisions of tech companies such as McAfee.

ForeScout offers a product that allows the administrator to monitor and detect devices that are trying to connect to the network. This is important because it is difficult to manage a large amount of devices trying to connect and determine if the device is a threat. ForeScout is a unicorn which means that they are valued over 1 billion dollars. They are possibly looking to go IPO (Initial Public Offering) by the end of the year.

Mike was very enthusiastic about speaking with the cohort. He provided very thoughtful insight into what cybersecurity has become by using relevant incidents that has happened in the past and projection what the future may hold. He mentioned that in 10 years the top 10 companies will be in cybersecurity which will be interesting to see how this will take its shape and form.

Mike emphasized that “you don’t have to choose your entire career path, just your next move.” This really resonated with me because it allowed me to focus on what my next step is rather than worry about having a structured path to take. I am looking forward to meeting with other companies throughout the week and hope to absorb all the information being provided.