Jazzed Up About New Treatment for Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML)

Today, our cohort had the opportunity to meet with Jazz Pharmaceuticals, an international pharmaceutical company. Products produced by the company include hematology/oncology drugs, sleep disorder treatments, and pain management. Michael Miller, senior vice president of Jazz Pharmaceuticals, coordinated the site visit for our cohort. Miller put together a dynamic presentation that included both the CEO of the company and VP of Medical Affairs. This was an incredible learning opportunity for all of us in the cohort.

Jazz was co-founded by Bruce Cozadd, who is currently the CEO. Cozadd spoke about the inception of the company and how new products are brought to market. Cozadd told us that Jazz identifies the needs of patient before looking for a solution. This approach is an example of their patient centered model of business. Something that stood out to me during this visit was that Cozadd remembers names and stories of patients whose lives have been changed for the better by Jazz products.

Noam Frey, the VP of medical affairs at Jazz, spoke to us about a new treatment from Jazz to treat Acute Myeloid Leukemia. Frey compared outcomes for the standard model of treatment with the new model of treatment, CPX-351. CPX-351 uses a new model of delivery for two chemotherapy drugs to ensure safer and more effective delivery of the drugs. Overall, survival rates for those treated with CPX-351 are higher than those who received the standard treatment for AML. This is the first breakthrough therapy for AML in forty years; because of the significance of the treatment, CPX-351 is on the fast track for FDA approval.

This is a huge revolution in cancer treatment and it was incredible to hear about it directly from the company!