Guided Through the Chasm

Today, the Villanova in the Valley Team was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to speak with the very accomplished, Geoffrey Moore. Moore’s book Crossing the Chasm is common reading material for anyone that wants to make it in Silicon Valley. In addition, he has written 6 more books and has worked with a variety of different companies. Moore is a venture capitalist and consultant that specializes in working with startups and high tech firms.

One of the most striking moments of his talk, was the ease in which he described the CEOs of Uber and Airbnb. Moore has worked hand in hand with these high-profile individuals and it was clear that he has close relationship with both of them. While Moore, influences some of the most disruptive companies of today, it was not always this way. After obtaining his PhD in English Literature he went on to be a professor and by chance later found himself in a tech role. After years of climbing through the ranks and finding his niche, Moore showed us that the sky is the limit. He imparted with us the importance of “fake it till you make it”. Especially in the tech industry, it is important to be able to constantly adapt to the everchanging environment around you.

Another key moment of his speech was when he differentiated entrepreneurs and advisors. Despite having provided advice to many successful companies, Moore did not think he was a good fit for being an entrepreneur himself. He felt his talents were better suited in advising as opposed to being at the helm. Overall, Geoffrey’s can do attitude and excitement for the future of technology was very inspiring and was the perfect way to begin the Villanova in the Valley week.