Do you love what you eat?: Hampton Creek is disrupting the food industry

On Wednesday morning our cohort discovered a treasure at the heart of Silicon Valley; a food technology company, Hampton Creek Inc.

As an entrepreneur in the food industry and a graduate student Chemical engineering major, improving health in the community has always been my yearning and I was excited about meeting and hearing the story behind Hampton Creek.

We met with Taylor Quinn, who gave us a run down about Hampton creek’s vision, mission and activities. He mentioned their mission is to provide high nutritive food products at low cost for all. They are fostering this vision by organizing educational projects in schools in Liberia, West Africa.

What would it look like if we started all over? Josh Tetrick CEO and Founder of Hampton Creek took us through his journey in creating this innovative company. A graduate with a B.A in Africana Studies at Cornell University, J.D from Michigan Law School went to Africa to teach as a Fulbright scholar. While being there for 7 years, he was tired of identifying symptoms and problems and wanted to start providing solutions to real life problems. During his stay, he identified malnutrition as a major problem and wanted to create a healthier world. Together with his friend Josh Balk in December 2011, he created Hampton Creek Inc. which is a technology company based in San Francisco that sells plant based food products such as cookies, cookie dough, ranch, dressings, scramble, mayonnaise.

Today the company has raised more than 120 million U.S dollars in equity funding.

Josh Tetrick believes helping solve societal needs is preeminent to anything else when running a business, in that light he shared with us key features he looks for in an employee in the hiring process. He mentioned the fighting spirit; the ability to hustle until you get what you want, empathy; the ability to see the world behind someone’s eye, the ability to think exponentially; having the mindset to take initiatives and see beyond the ordinary.