Collaboration through Dropbox

At the ICE Institute, we use Dropbox internally to share documents and files that we have been working on. I find it especially useful because the entire ICE Institute team is not always together and so having one spot to download and share documents is invaluable. So for me, it was especially intriguing to visit Dropbox and understand how they make collaboration a priority.

Simplify the way that people work together. This is Dropbox’s main goal. Jessica Arnold (CLAS ’03), Sales Lead at Dropbox, and Robert Baesman, Head of Product for Pro, Business, and Enterprise, served as our hosts when visiting this growing company. Dropbox is the fastest syncing device in the industry. This allows a company both internally and externally to quickly and effectively collaborate.

Baesman noted one major problem that customers face is that their lives have become fragmented. By this, Baesman means that people use a whole host of applications like Google Drive, Pages, Microsoft Excel, and many others and as a result work is done in a fragmented manner. This is the idea behind Dropbox’s newest product, Dropbox Paper. This allows users to embed references and ultimately tell a narrative that they would be unable to do on any other platform.

What struck me the most about the company were the people that worked there. Everyone was truly motivated about solving the issues that they felt their users faced. I think that this is one of the main reasons why Dropbox has grown so quickly. The people at Dropbox are dedicated to making collaboration easy for people at all levels and all industries.