Better Brains with Devon Greco and Narbis

Devon Greco, Product Architect of Narbis and a participant within the Uncommon Individual’s Entrepreneur Mentoring Program, came to the Idea Accelerator to speak about his newest project focusing on consumerized neurofeedback. The Uncommon Individual Foundation is a mentoring organization that helps people of all ages achieve their goals and attain personal success.

Greco studied business management in college but then his career shifted towards engineering after working with engineers in his career. Greco initially became involved with this type of technology in 1999 because of his father who was a clinical psychologist.

In today’s society it is very difficult to capture people’s attention. Studies have shown that humans have a shorter attention span than a goldfish. This is partly to blame by today’s media and television which cause us to pay attention in spurts. The solution to this problem is consumerized neurofeedback and making it readily available to all. That is where Narbis comes into play. The name Narbis is an anagram for the brain. Narbis focuses on Attention Deficit Trait (ADT) which is an inability to pay attention.

The glasses are 100% 3D printed, even including the hinges. The glasses train the brain to stay focused but measuring brainwaves and sending them to the electrochromic glasses. When you are unfocused the glasses are darkened but when you are focused the glasses are clear. This helps wearers to train their brains to stay focused longer. The longer this is done the more the brain learns how to stay focused. Narbis is FDA exempt because there are no side effects like those found by taking drugs. It has also been found to have lasting effects. What makes Narbis unique is that it answers the problem of transference because it is being used in real-life situations.

The primary focus of Narbis is for families with school-aged children who have difficulty focusing. But the glasses can also have larger implications for broader-range attention difficulties. Most exciting, Narbis is working with the Washington Nationals for the product to be used on their players to improve reaction time and hand eye coordination.

Greco gave two important pieces of advice: one always be willing and able to adapt and find something you are absolutely passionate about and will do anything for, that will make you successful.