Adventuring into Huckberry

The name Huckberry was inspired by the novel Huckleberry Finn. Not only is it one of the great American novels but it is rebellious and adventurous. This is what is at the core of Huckberry. It is not only an e-commerce store but it is a lifestyle brand centered around adventure and style.

The company was founded by Richard Greiner and Andy Forch. At the time they were investment bankers who wanted someone to tell them what are the coolest and newest products. This did not exist so the two co-founders pulled themselves up by their bootstraps and founded the company centered around the “Huckberry man”. This man is a young professional that enjoys the outdoors on the weekends. Huckberry’s goal is to create experiential retail that cuts through all of the noise created by big name retailers and to act as a curator.

What struck me most of all was the team’s mentality and their passion for the lifestyle brand. Richard Greiner said “you always throw out your first pancake, so get cooking.” He believes that you must be constantly creating and that is what has helped to grow Huckberry. In order to have the drive to create, there needs to be a passion behind the product  This is evident in the way that everyone talks about the brand because it is truly more than a brand and an e-commerce site but it is a lifestyle.