A Sneak Preview into Google’s Upcoming Projects and Culture

Yesterday, we visited Google at their headquarters in Mountain View. We were fortunate enough to speak with John Igoe who is not only a Villanova alum, but is also the Director of Design and Construction at Google for the Northern California region. In addition, Drew Wenzel, the Campus Design Technical Specialist on John’s team, and Anthony LaMarca, the senior Project Manager for CBRE, shed some light on Google’s current construction projects.

Anthony LaMarca explained the project that Google is working on to restore Hangar One, Two, and Three, at Moffett Field at NASA. He gave a brief history on the topic and walked us through the process that Google is using to restore these historical monuments and what it will be used for in the future. Drew Wenzel was able to show us some sneak preview photos of the new Google campuses at Bay View and Charleston East. This will be the first full Google campus that is built directly from the ground up, which is very exciting. It was interesting to hear Drew’s perspective considering Google is innovating new ways to construct their campus to allow their employees to be more collaborative and productive. It was very informative listening to Drew speak about the project and tell us about the issues that the current Google buildings are having and the changes they are making to combat these challenges on their campus currently. For example, to break down the barriers of traditional walls and doors, Google is using a canopy style structure and large open floor plans to let in more sunlight and allow the work room to be more open. Drew explained that due to employee feedback about current buildings on Google’s campus, his team is able to better assist the employees with services and accommodations that fit their needs.

After meeting with these speakers, John took us to the visitor center at Google where the cohort was able to see an example of the work spaces that Google employees use in the main buildings as well as try fun features in the Google offices, such as the nap pod. There was a small museum of Google product history in the visitor center and an interactive Google maps application where we found Villanova’s campus spread out on multiple large screens. Ultimately, our experience at Google was very rewarding considering a very accomplished alum of Villanova was kind enough to take a large portion of his day to host our cohort. The speakers we listened to were inspiring and it is exciting to hear about the future of Google from such passionate employees who are truly trying to enhance the community in the area through their construction projects.

To see pictures of the new plans for Google’s Mountain View campus click here.