Virtual Reality Exhibit

To showcase new advancements in technology, the ICE Institute hosted a variety of demos with virtual and augmented reality devices. Students and faculty were invited to experiment with an Oculus Rift, a Microsoft HoloLens, and an augmented reality sandbox. The Oculus Rift offers an immersive experience for users to surround themselves in a 3D environment in order to play a game, watch a video, or virtually visit a foreign location. The Microsoft HoloLens is a self-contained, holographic computer that allows user to engage with digital content, such as interactive games.

The augmented reality sandbox projects topography models that conform to the contours of the sand. This sandbox was developed by Villanova Computer Science Professor Frank Klassner and a graduate student using open source software from UC Davis. As Director of the Center of Excellence in Enterprise Technology, Dr. Klassner places a special emphasis on virtual reality and hopes to continue to bring new technologies to Villanova.