Introducing Your Personal Career Cupid

While many people utilize dating sites to find their ideal significant other, job seekers often do not make this same level of effort to find their perfect employment opportunity. Frustrated with the traditional process of searching job boards, Villanova graduate Rasagna Holt wished that there was a better option. Having already founded a construction company and a staffing agency, Rasagna decided to use her entrepreneurial savvy to create a matchmaking site for careers. Exercising her knowledge in IT and analytics, she created an algorithm that makes career matches based on work preferences and culture. To acquire feedback for her company, Rasagna went through two rounds of Shark Tank. This experience helped convince her to patent her idea and further pursue the venture while juggling her responsibilities as a mother of three children.

Rasagna’s venture is now known as Elated Careers and has been affectionately called a personal Career Cupid. On the Elated Careers website, job seekers can utilize the user friendly interface to answer a few questions about themselves and be matched with work opportunities that fit their preferences. Since clients are given the necessary tools to find the right opportunity, people no longer have to settle when it comes to their careers. Moreover, organizations can more effectively recruit workers that match their specific needs. Discussing her ambitions with the company, Rasagna explained, “Today my focus is on working with companies to study their diversity and inclusion factor based on predictive analytics and providing them insights on improving retention, diversity inclusion and thus reducing turnover.” Breaking the mold of the traditional job boards, this personal Career Cupid offers new opportunities for employers and employees to find their perfect matches.