ICE Challenge IdeaBounce® Fall 2016

On November 16th, the ICE Institute held its ICE Challenge IdeaBounce® for groups from colleges university-wide to pitch their ideas in 90 seconds. The groups that participated in the program were the top winners from individual class pitch sessions within the School of Business, College of Engineering, and the College of Nursing.

A few highlights of the evening included Ringmaster, IT Case, and the Over the Door Stop. The Ringmaster is a ring that one can use to find out the alcohol content of a drink in order to promote fashionably safedrinking. The Over the Door Stop is a doorstopper that actually sits at the top of the door, which would be very helpful for Villanova students, and it prevents tripping or falling over floor doorstoppers such as bricks. IT Case, one of the winners, is a phone case that protects phones from susceptibility to RFID readers that can read credit card information. Therefore, if Villanova students keep credit cards in their Villanova pouch on the back of their phone, this phone case would protect other people from using RFID readers to take their information. The winning team for the College of Engineering was The Floakleys, who promoted floating sunglasses to prevent loss in the ocean. The College of Nursing winner was the Textbook Exchange, created in order to make the whole process of purchasing textbooks easier for students. For the School of Business, the winner was Just Chill, who created a chewing gum to detect stress levels in order to promote a more health-conscious way of identifying stress. Another one of our winners, UCharge, presented the idea of having a charger vending machine to make the process of renting a computer or phone charger easier.

If you participated in the IdeaBounce® or think that you would be interested, please watch our site for information about our next IdeaBounce® in the spring! Coming up soon is out Villanova Student Entrepreneurship Competition, where students can earn cash prizes to develop their products. The first deliverables are due in January of 2017. Please visit to post your ideas and look for more future events!