Villanova Women in Tech Take Over the Idea Accelerator

10/26/16 Women in Tech CodeGirl Movie Night

CodeGirl is a movie that takes you through the journey of high school girls from around the world as they attempt to solve issues in their communities through technology. The dedication and perseverance that these girls put forth in their projects motivated me to keep pursuing a career in the tech industry because although programming can be difficult, the outcomes are rewarding. Having the ability to create anything with a computer is pretty remarkable, and even better when you can use your abilities to make others’ lives more efficient.

Collaboration and problem solving are key attributes if you want to succeed in the industry, I believe, and not only has MIS course taught me that, but CodeGirl enhanced my thinking further. I think it is important to watch these types of films because it reminds mind you that what you are dedicating you time for is worth it. The next movie night is not until February, but I am already looking forward to CODE: Debugging the Gender Gap.

10/28/16 Python Workshop

The Python workshop was very helpful in reinforcing the skills I have learned in my MIS course. Although it is a different language, knowing the fundamental basics is critical is being successful with the program. There were nuances that were different from JavaScript and so it was worthwhile going to the workshop to distinguish the distinctions between the two IDEs. Having workshops like this one is very helpful for students like myself to learn and engage in new material that we may not necessarily have the opportunity to learn in the classroom. Additionally, attending the Python workshop has made me look forward to the next event on November 18th, Learning R.