Fridays in the Idea Accelerator: Robert D’Loren and Xcel Brands

Last week’s Friday in the Idea Accelerator session featured retail industry magnate, Robert D’Loren. An entrepreneur with a uniquely innovative spirit, Mr. D’Loren has leveraged observational, marketing, financial, and accounting skills throughout his critically acclaimed, 40-year career in consumer products, entertainment, finance, and real estate. He boasts C-level executive experience at global brand acquisition and management companies including NexCel Brands and, his current project, Xcel Brands. NexCel’s global retail network included 1,900 stores in 45 countries! Prior to his career in acquisition and management, D’Loren acted as president and CEO of UCC Capital Corporation, President and COO of CAK Universal Credit Corporation, and President and CEO of the D’Loren Corporation. In total, he has invested more than $1 billion in over 35 consumer branded products as well as media and entertainment companies. He has taken 5 companies from $0 to $1 billion in sales.

Robert D’Loren’s presentation focused mainly on Xcel Brands, a company that is working to reimagine shopping, entertainment, and social experiences as one. According the D’Loren, digital media – and the social era that has followed – rocked the foundation of business models in every sector, but especially retail. Since the boom of the social age instant fashion desires have clashed with slow production and distribution. Companies that created innovated processes to speed production and distribution have been those that have succeeded. Where the retail world once had 4 fashion seasons, companies like Zara boast over 150. Zara changes inventory every 2 weeks to encourage one thing – customer engagement. At Xcel, D’Loren has successfully reduced production time from 9 months to just 6 weeks.

Robert D’Loren filled his presentation with sports analogies that valued the idea of staying ahead of the curve – “Go to where the puck is going, not where it is,” “stay ahead of your skis,” “imagine yourself landing a jump farther than you could ever believe.” He discussed the importance of innovation, collaboration, and versatility in a world where businesses are constantly forced to change with the times.
Next week, Fridays in the Idea Accelerator will feature Michael Tomczyk. Tomczyk will discuss innovating “at the bottom of the pyramid.”

Third world markets present huge profit opportunity for the companies that are willing to create products and services that solve problems faced by the people who represent those countries. The talk will take place at 1:00 pm in the Idea Accelerator.