Engineers Now Exposed & Fearless

Vinny Grosso, Villanova College of Engineering graduate, on 10/6 shared with engineering entrepreneurship students how he exposed himself and overcame his fears throughout the years to become a well-respected tour manager, magician, and author.  Vinny engaged the audience with demonstrations of walking on glass, catching his fingers in an animal trap, and escaping from a straitjacket. All of these “fears” he overcame with knowledge, experience and passion. To top off the evening, Vinny shared his recent adventure on thePenn & Teller: Fool Us (a must see video clip) where he did indeed did win the FU Award! Vinny is very talented and truly lives to expose himself (again, watch the video) and reduce his fears with knowledge. An awesome and inspiring presentation!


Adriann Guy (COE ’17) wraps Vinny into a straitjacket; he escaped in less than 1 minute.


Samantha Schafer (COE ’17) overcoming the fear of walking on glass.