Waltzing Matilda USA Revives Apparel with a Human Touch

https://media.licdn.com/mpr/mpr/shrink_200_200/AAEAAQAAAAAAAALIAAAAJDk1OTA4OGI4LTg5NmEtNGE1Zi04OTU5LTM0MTI5MDZhNDJkNQ.pngIn a world of mass production and globalized trade, people throw away things once they grow tired of them, lack a sense of connection to the pieces that they wear, and feel detached from the people producing their personal items. Even with many supposedly high quality brands, products are assembled using mechanical production processes and stuffed with manufactured filling.

Resisting these developments, Villanova graduate Mike Balitsaris reflected on times when clothing was made with a human touch and held personal significance. Deciding to rekindle the old connection that people had with apparel, Balitsaris founded Waltzing Matilda USA, a brand that produces handcrafted leather bags, sandals, and other accessories.
Each item produced with the Waltzing Matilda USA logo uses materials sourced as locally as possible and is cared for by a select group of local artisans, along with Balitsaris himself. The end products are unique, personal items that can be passed down generations.

Sparking an old flare in a modern world, Waltzing Matilda USA has garnered a great deal of attention. Balitsaris has sold bags to Apple for carrying Mac Book Airs and to Urban Outfitter for their Free People Stores. He even found himself backstage at the 2014 Emmy Awards to showcase custom items to television stars. With a brick-and-mortar store in Wayne, Pennsylvania and a showroom in Los Angeles, California, Waltzing Matilda USA offers an outlet for people to escape the impersonal, manufactured world of modern apparel to find items with souls of their own.