Jen Groover: Emotional Intelligence, Self-development, and Creativity

This week Fridays in the Idea Accelerator hosted “serial entrepreneur” Jen Groover. In her eyes it is both extremely refreshing and relieving to see how far the culture of entrepreneurship has come in the last 20 years. Jen Groover’s entrepreneurial success was launched by her pragmatic creation of the world’s first ever compartmentalize handbag, the Butler Bag. Since then she has contributed several editorial pieces for top business magazines, created content for various television networks, written a book called “What If? & Why Not?”, and introduced two lifestyle brands focused on empowerment.

Positivity, possibility, and power were at the core of Jen Groover’s message directed at Idea Accelerator audience which consisted of previous speakers, students, alumni, and other community members. She presented entrepreneurship as a lifestyle, a journey, and a self-transformation – the art of loving what one does!

During her presentation, Jen Groover spoke in detail about the importance of energy management. In her words, “success isn’t about working hard; success is about working smart!” She emphasized the importance of personal development – eating right, sleeping right, surrounding one’s self with the right people – and the role it plays in performance optimization. If we do not eat proper portions with necessary nutritional benefits, if we do not provide our brains with the time to refuel through sleep, if we do not surround ourselves with friends that are supportive, honest, and positive, we cannot succeed. According to Groover, your network is you net worth, and surrounding one’s self with the wrong individuals can be toxic. We are a product of our environment – socially, physically, emotionally, and mentally – and it is only through positivity that we can empower ourselves.

As senior Villanova student Gajan Vivek said when reflecting on the event, “Listening to Jen Groover at Fridays in the Idea Accelerator was a great opportunity for me to learn from someone who preaches and lives out the idea of self-development.”

Jen’s newest venture, Jump Start Start Up, accelerates the rate in which businesses start and scale by breaking down the barriers of entry and simplifying the process.

Fridays in the Idea Accelerator will start back up after fall break featuring an extensive list of entrepreneurial experts from various fields. Presenters George Krautzel, Debbie Mohr Geffken, and Jen Groover are just the start of what has developed into a great opportunity to casually network and learn.