Give Your Idea a Bounce

Seeking to spread awareness of their ideas, receive feedback for improvement, and make connections for collaboration, Villanova students, faculty, and community members crowded the Idea Accelerator on Monday for IdeaBounce®. To spark discussion and networking, individuals and groups gave two minute elevator pitches on projects ranging from early stage ideas to well-established ventures. With a total of ten pitches, the ideas included an app creator that does not require coding, an acne solution based on drinkable vitamins, and an undertaking to protect the ecosystem of the Schuylkill River.

By bringing together ICE enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds, the IdeaBounce® presents a valuable opportunity for people to learn from each other and develop impactful collaborations.

If you would like to pitch an idea, please visit the IdeaBounce® page to post your idea and be sure to come to our next IdeaBounce®. To learn more about similar activities, please visit the ICE Institute website to learn more about ICE programs and opportunities.