A Great Kickoff for Fridays in the Idea Accelerator

On Friday, September 9th, the Villanova ICE Institute hosted its first ever session of Fridays in the Idea Accelerator. Every Friday the Villanova community has the opportunity to hear from expert entrepreneurs discussing a variety of topics; not only that, but participants are welcomed to schedule post-presentation appointments with the featured guest. These “expert hours” are designed to allow Villanova’s aspiring entrepreneurs to brainstorm ideas and network, to discuss current projects, and to develop a plan of action in order to move those ideas, career goals, and projects forward.

The opening session featured George Krautzel, who discussed the creation and viability of entrepreneurial ideas. Krautzel is co-founder and managing partner at the Philadelphia venture capital firm MissionOG. He specializes in go-to-market strategy, product development, demand generation, and social business. Previously, Krautzel co-founded ITtoolbox. ITtoolbox was created to be an online community for IT executives and professionals – something we would refer to today as “Social Media.”

During the round table discussion, George Krautzel touched on everything from product feasibility to executing on ideas and getting projects funded.  He stressed the importance of fully understanding the market one is attempting to disrupt, deciphering between products and services, and making the commitment to devote time and energy to something that may very well fail.

On the following Friday, the ICE Institute hosted an entrepreneurial advocate with over 35 years of investment experience! During her presentation, Debbie Mohr Geffken discussed how to effectively navigate and customize your reading of the Wall Street Journal according to personal and professional interests. In Geffken’s opinion, the Wall Street Journal is a college student essential.

WSJ readers from campus and the community took this Fridays in the Idea Accelerator session as an opportunity to share why and how they use the Wall Street Journal throughout their lives. Participants swapped reading techniques, shared sections of the paper that most interest them, and pointed out subtle formatting observations that assist in reading the Journal.

Both of these entrepreneurial experts have launched Fridays in the Idea Accelerator off to a great start. This Friday the 23rd, entrepreneur, inventor, writer, and motivational speaker, Jen Groover, will look to build upon that momentum as she emphasizes the importance of emotional intelligence in making business decisions.