Philadelphia Phorum

On April 14th, The Fillmore hosted the annual Philadelphia Phorum. Phorum is a technology conference for business and technology executives that focuses on how enterprises can maximize the business value of specific technologies and innovation. Leading industry experts, business executives, and cutting-edge technologists spoke on collecting data about markets, customers, and businesses and how to convert this data into usable information and then apply it to their businesses.

This year’s keynote speaker was Paul Depodesta, Chief Strategy Officer to the Cleveland Browns. He has spent his career evaluating, measuring, ad assigning value to talent, as described in Michael Lewis’s #1 Bestseller, Moneyball. His talk was very informative and gave further insight to the ways that data can be leveraged into usable information that can be applied to business.

In addition to the keynote speakers and panelists, the conference holds a “Demo-Pit” where conference attendees can experience first-hand some of the most innovative technologies being developed in the Greater Philadelphia Area. There were over 15 companies to meet and try their technologies and, at the end of the day, the companies competed with their technologies.

I had the pleasure of meeting one of the employees of this year’s Demo-Pit winner, RedOwl, a security analytics platform leveraging structured and unstructured data sources to reduce insider risk across enterprises. With rising concerns surrounding security, this startup is finding great success targeting one of the biggest issues within major companies. By analyzing conversations, and emails, as well as other platforms, their analytics platform is able to flag troubled employees in order to reduce the risk of insider risk.

Overall, Phorum 2016 was a raving success. Innumerable insights were gathered from all panelists and at the end of the day, an open-bar networking reception was held for all in attendance to go over what they had learned from the day and get to know one another better.