Gramercy Supply Company & Knickerbocker Coffee Co

Gavin Wax and Kyle Harrison are both students at City University of New York- Baruch College studying Economics. They met during their remedial math course and became friends over the following year. In October 2015, Gavin and Kyle started Gramercy Supply Company with another friend named Nassim. Gramercy Supply is a men’s fashion company specializing in the importing of handcrafted, genuine leather bags from Morocco, taking advantage of a free-trade agreement established by the United States and Morocco. The three of them bootstrapped the entire operation and launched the company after very little investment, with Gavin in charge of web design and branding, Kyle in charge of copywriting and branding, and Nassim in charge of operations and supplier relations.

3 months later, in January 2016, Gavin approached Kyle with the idea of launching a coffee company. Using a similar business model, the two launched Knickerbocker Coffee Co, a coffee distribution company selling third-wave, premium coffee. All of Knickerbocker’s coffee is single origin and fair trade certified, with many organic, rainforest alliance certified, shade grown, and direct trade options available.

Gavin and Kyle both possess a strong entrepreneurial spirit and are always looking for ways to improve. The two companies are given a very modern and upbeat feel, thanks to Gavin’s expert web design and Kyle’s creative copywriting skills. Both companies quite clearly display a love for New York and pay homage to the city Gavin and Kyle love so dearly. When they’re not working on their companies, the two indulge in their various hobbies. Gavin can often be found rambling about free markets and Kyle can often be found aimlessly quoting Woody Allen films.

If you’d like to learn more about Kyle, Gavin, Gramercy, and Knickerbocker Coffee RSVP to for a lunch with Kyle and Gavin on April 22nd at 1pm.