Creativity as Key to Longevity in Entrepreneurship

Tiffanie StanardOn Wednesday, March 16, Tiffanie Stanard, founder and CEO of Prestige Concepts LLC, spoke in Villanova’s Falvey Memorial Library on “Creativity as Key to Longevity in Entrepreneurship.” The event was hosted by Africana Studies and the Edward Collymore Honor Society and focused on developing creative ideas for entering and growing in any industry. Structured as an interactive small group event, Stanard was able to share her ideas with those around her, while hearing from the audience. Drawing from her experiences owning a business, she discussed the incredible importance of creativity in pursuing your passions. In particular, she believes that creativity helps you think of ideas for fundraising, discover options for partners, find mentors, build your brand, and grow your network.

One of these benefits of creativity that Stanard has honed is building your brand. Specifically, creativity has allowed her to effectively convey the image of who she is and what she stands for. Moreover, Stanard explained, “You have your personal brand, and then you also have your company brand. And both go hand and hand.” Learning to creatively intertwine these two brands will help you personally and professionally. For example, Stanard learned to develop an identity outside of her company brand because she wanted to step out from the behind-the-scenes work. Therefore, she was able to create an association between her as a person and her work for her company. Similarly, she learned to promote her company brand by promoting herself personally, because people want to hire companies with people that they know.

Another valuable way to use creativity is to create new titles at your organization. Titles are important in determining who you are going to be within a company. For instance, Stanard considers herself to be a technology influencer, because she understands the importance of technology and influences people to learn it or, at least, learn how to hire for it. She finds value in this position, because technology plays a significant part of every industry. By establishing yourself in a role that you are passionate about, creativity prepares you for success in achieving longevity in entrepreneurship.

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