YouTube Space LA

YouTube Space
On Wednesday, the Villanova on Set Cohort had the wonderful opportunity of visiting YouTube Space LA, a production facility designed specifically for YouTube personalities and video creators to not only create YouTube videos but to also learn the ins and outs of producing high-quality videos. While there are several locations of YouTube Spaces, such as New York, London, and Tokyo, YouTube Space LA prides itself as the flagship location with a facility that covers over 41,000 square feet and houses the finest production equipment and production stages.

The group was lucky enough to be greeted by Eileen Rivera, who is in charge of production management at YouTube Space.  She gave us an overview of how the facility operates and what was required to use their facility to create content.  We learned that YouTube offers this facility free of charge to creators as long as they have over 10,000 subscribers to their YouTube channel. Additionally, the ability to book the facility depends on the amount of subscribers you have to your channel. As you gain subscribers, YouTube will allow you to book the facility more often during a given month.  However, if you have less than 10,000 subscribers, YouTube Space will still allow you to attend events held there and take production classes offered at the compound.

Later, the group was given a tour by Chao Thao of YouTube Space.  We saw the different production stages available, including a smaller area with a built-in green screen that allows creators to virtually place themselves anywhere in the world they desire.  Creators can also take advantage of larger, built-in sets that change every quarter.  These sets are built by professional set designers and allows creators to produce scenes in different detailed locations from a gynecologist’s office to a New York office building.  The Cohort also took a look into the equipment room, discovering that these creators have access to equipment that we could only dream of using, such as a GoPro rig that utilizes 6 cameras to produce 360 degree videos that can be viewed on the YouTube media platform.

It is safe to say that our group was thoroughly impressed by YouTube Space LA.  With the ever-changing world of video production and distribution, it was nice to see another avenue that young creators can take to develop and produce content and share it with the world. Eileen Rivera told us that YouTube was looking to curate more original, high-quality content for its users, especially with the emergence of YouTube Red, and after experiencing YouTube Space LA, it is quite easy to see how they plan on reaching this goal. By working hand-in-hand with creators and providing them with free access to high-level equipment and facilities, the possibilities are endless with what you can create.