Thunder Road Pictures

Basil Iwanyk

Today the group had the wonderful opportunity of visiting Thunder Road Pictures in beautiful Santa Monica, Ca. At Thunder Road, the cohort got to speak with Founder and Producer, Basil Iwanyk, along with his Assistant and aspiring producer, Barney Slobodin. The two were very informing and were open to answering any and every question the group had; from wondering where the two got their “start,” to questions about diversity in the industry.

For those who may not know Basil Iwanyk by name, a few projects he has produced are: “We Are Marshall,” “The Town,” “The Expendables” franchise, “The Clash of the Titans” franchise, and the new Oscar-nominated film, “Sicario.” All, in the opinion of most, were very great films.

Being a well-established and profitable film producer, Basil had a lot of knowledge to offer to the aspiring filmmakers in the Villanova on Set cohort of 2016. He let the group know that there is no set track on getting to where he is; you can become a reputable filmmaker a number of ways. You could go to film school (which we’ve learned is the unpopular route), start out as a PA (production assistant), or start out in the mailroom of a talent agency. All of these beginnings, with a strong determination and will, can get you exactly where you want to be in this fast-paced, cut-throat, but very rewarding business.