Paradigm Talent Agency


Today our group went to Paradigm Talent Agency in order meet up with Nick LoPicollo, a graduate of the Villanova Law School and a current agent in the Motion Picture department of Paradigm. Through preliminary research, we learned that Nick garnered a strong background in law and business, which wounded up aiding his endeavors once he got out to LA. Once we met him, he was able to provide us with a lot of valuable insight about how to start out and how to navigate through the cutthroat entertainment industry.

One of the most interesting points he made came about when he was asked if his strong background in law was worth it. One would expect him to at least give a subjective list of pros and cons for both pathways but Nick responded with a resounding “no.” As he looked among our inevitably confused and shocked countenances, he started to discuss how minutely one’s experience would change if one went to graduate school or not. Eventually he broke all of this down and essentially said that the best way to breakthrough in this cutthroat entertainment industry is to just move out to L.A., garner connections with as many people as possible, and be prepared to work at the ground level first. This meant a lot coming from someone who spent years at multiple graduate schools. Personally, I think Nick’s answer came as a bit of a relief because not only would graduate school be taking time, but it would also be taking A LOT of money, and if at the end of the day the only difference between two co-workers is that one owns a degree and the other one doesn’t means that graduate school is something to deeply consider and re-consider.

All in all, Nick Lopicollo shared so much with us and his patience and generosity were definitely demonstrated and greatly appreciated. He invited us into his space amongst his busy day in order to impart knowledge. On behalf of the rest of VOS cohort, I would just like to express my gratitude for the effort he put forth today.