Nick Morton Talks Micro-Budget Filmmaking

Nick Morton
Today everything clicked for me.

I am going to do my best to articulate what I mean, but considering that it’s 3 am east-coast time and we’ve been up since seven meeting with amazing people, you’ll have to forgive me if things stop making sense. Jetlag is real.

Going into this program I knew that filmmaking involved a fairly substantial amount of money. It wasn’t until we really got to talk to individuals in the industry that just how much money it took to make a feature film became real to me. Full disclosure, it was unbelievably overwhelming. Everything seemed larger than life out here because it is larger than life – and that can be a little intimidating to an aspiring filmmaker who doesn’t even know what a hundred thousand dollars looks like, never mind a hundred million.

Visiting White Water Films this afternoon was a much-needed reminder for me of why I wanted to get involved in this industry. When we arrived we were greeted by Nick Morton, a Producer at Whitewater Films, and immediately felt at ease.
After some very casual conversation about his path and what his current responsibilities are, we arrived at the mission of White Water Films. They are a very small group of skilled and experienced individuals who adhere to something called a micro-budget model of filmmaking.

White Water Films was founded to give aspiring directors and writers a chance to have their vision become a reality. Nick explained that the challenge is to find stories where the parameters of production can be done at half the cost of big feature films, but where the creativity and ideas are large enough in scope to have an impact. He spoke to the importance of just enjoying the process, even if it doesn’t necessarily make you a ton of money. The motto that failure is fine and even necessary was a theme throughout our talk with him. What he believed was most important was having faith that a story needs to be told and really sticking with it.

Being able to see firsthand that a small and passionate group of creative people can truly produce amazing content without needing millions of dollars was unbelievably reassuring to our group as a whole. I can’t wait to see what’s next for our cohort.