IBX and ICE Helping to Decrease Pre Surgery Anxiety and Increase Better Health Outcomes

This semester the ICE Institute is collaborating with Independence Blue Cross to challenge the current healthcare experience in a series of three seminar sessions. All are welcome to participate. The seminars are scheduled for March 30th and April 6th from 5 to 7 pm and will be located in the Idea Accelerator (lower level of Falvey Library).

“Independence is changing the way health care is conceived, delivered and experienced in our region and across the nation through our Human-Centered InnovationSM program. This program is our commitment to re-imagining health care by moving forward with the freshest and most promising ideas that put people first and improve their care, here and across the nation. It’s a commitment that drives us to do more, do it differently and do it better. Part of our Human-Centered InnovationSM program includes an approach we use to create successful solutions,” says Michelle Histand, the Director of Innovation at Independence Blue Cross.

Over the course of three classes, participants will discover how Human-Centered Innovation works. It will be broken down into three phases, each of which consist of a variety of tools necessary to change the way people provide healthcare. These tools are designed to demonstrate how to address needs and opportunities, and come up with new ideas and concepts!

In the first workshop, participants will focus on understanding the problem, doing research around it, and forming hypotheses in the Investigative phase. The tools in this phase will help frame the true problem and develop empathy for the person who will use the final solution.

The next workshop will focus on the Design phase. Here, the focus will be on developing the solution and/or experience for a given problem. Divergent thinking will be used to come up with a range of ideas and solutions. Once participants come up with ideas, they will be compared to the research. Next, the participants will vote to see which one(s) should move forward to experimentation phase.

The third workshop will concentrate on the Experiment phase, which tests and builds on pieces of an idea. Once one or a couple ideas are chosen to move forward, the group will determine how to test pieces of the idea to improve on the solution. This stage is essential to discover what works and/or what needs to be adjusted.

This is a great opportunity for the ICE Institute to work with students and faculty from across campus and bring people into the Idea Accelerator. The goal is to have 30 participants involved in all the seminars. It is asked that when signing up, you commit to the three sessions. Flyers will go up around campus in the beginning of February to advertise for this series. Food will be provided. Contact ice@villanova.edu to sign up (in subject line type IBX Registration) or contact us if you have questions about the event.