Doug DeLuca and the Jimmy Kimmel Live Crew

Guest star Morgan Freeman joined Jimmy on the show that we attended on March 3rd.
Today we met with Doug DeLuca at the Jimmy Kimmel Live studio in North Hollywood. Doug is a Villanova alum from the class of ’89 and studied International Business during his time at Nova. I too am an International Business Major, so I was excited to learn how he got started in the business and what led him to the job he has now working in the entertainment industry. While at “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” Doug has been a Co-Producer for all 14 seasons the show has been on.

Doug sat down with the cohort and told us what the day-to-day operations and a typical work day looks like. During Doug’s talk, his Co-Producer and fellow Nova alum, Patrick Friend, came in and started talking to us about his experience in the industry. Patrick told us how he got his start working for sports television with Howie Long (another Nova alumnus).

After we got a chance to ask questions, we took a tour of the facilities which included: a look at the control room, the live music stage, and the green room. It was great to see how the production ran. We also learned all about the creative process of getting guest, writing a monologue and doing comedy segments.

After our tour, the cohort got the opportunity to sit in the live audience during a taping of The Jimmy Kimmel show.