The Marks Group- Office 365 and Dynamics CRM

On Friday, February 19th, the Marks Group hosted an Office 365 and Dynamics CRM seminar. Much of the morning was spent going over the technical aspects of integrating the new 2016 version of Microsoft office as well as the benefits of Microsoft’s CRM program for businesses. The features of Microsoft Office we discussed included OneDrive and OneNote, Delve, SharePoint, and Skype for business.

OneDrive and OneNote were the first two and the most detailed aspects covered. OneDrive was shown as an automatically syncing document folder that can be accessed from any device. OneNote appealed specifically to any visual or marketing personnel. These are shareable documents with fun features such as a drawing tool, screen capture abilities, and tabs and pages that can be saved in the same documents.

Delve, a newer feature in Microsoft, was not covered much in our seminar. This feature allows other users of Office 365 to see what you have been working on in SharePoint or OneNote, which allows for a dynamic and collaborative feel in the workplace.

SharePoint has been re-branded as “sites,” but has the same benefits as always. Sites is a collection of websites, linked to CRM, google, OneNote, and more. Originally, SharePoint was simply a document management website, which is not the case anymore. Sites still manages documents, but it has really gone above and beyond to add apps, increase storage space, and ultimately used as an “intranet” for companies.

Finally we covered Skype for business. The most highlighted aspect was the inner office chat in Skype, which is helpful for companies with people working from home.

Overall, the seminar was incredibly helpful for understanding the 2016 version of Microsoft Office and the new integrated pieces. The Marks Group was friendly and inviting and very helpful in answering any questions that came up.