Innovation Trek – Digital Marketing: Yext Marks the Spot

Photo Feb 18, 2 14 51 PM

Digital Media: a very dynamic environment that continues to be exciting and thriving, but ever so important when connecting to the consumer. Advertising can be seen as annoying, cluttered, and confusing to the typical human eye. However, with the technology, the data, and the tools digital media has today, ads are becoming more and more relevant to each person as an individual. This allows brands to connect on a personal level with their consumers, hoping to convert that impression into a buyer.

The first stop on the Digital Media Innovation Trek was at Yext, a global Digital Location Management platform whose mission states that they are trying to enable the world’s 50 million businesses to tap into the power of location and drive face-to-face and digital interactions that boost customer engagement, build audiences, and increase sales through their three core products: Power Listings, Pages, and Xone.

  • Power Listings controls a company’s listings across all of its global partners, allowing them to update their information from one easy platform for all of its listings. Yext allows them to take control and get found.
  • Pages helps to turn a company’s site visitors into store visitors, pushing foot traffic from the website to the local store. This allows the company to create and manage pages for all of its locations for its website and app.
  • Xone engages the mobile audience by putting information about the store onto the customer’s smartphone. Using beacons to do so, Xone gives the customers relevant information like wifi passwords and coupons on their devices.

We met up with Amanda Angulo, several members of the recruiting team, and VU alum Kevin Clark who is the Director of Agency and Strategic Partnerships at Yext. His job is not only to find new businesses to partner with, but also to maintain and build lasting relationships with those partners. Sharing a bit about the company culture, Yext’s core values rest on three principles:

  • Think Big
  • Learn Fast
  • Get Stuff Done

Yext is exemplifying its core values quite well and certainly showing how they are getting things done since they were recently awarded “Best Solution for Enterprise Brands” by Street Fight’s Local Visionary in October of 2015. Their CEO and Co-Founder Howard Lernman also received the award “Innovator of the Year.”

In addition to sharing some insights about Yext, Kevin gave us some advice for our own career paths. His first piece of advice was to travel and move. Do it while we are young and have the ability to do so. He also told us to learn to sell! There’s a science behind persuasion that is so useful in many situations, no matter how big or small the decision is. He also suggested working for a startup at some point as well as finding a mentor (or even being a mentor).

Just after hearing from Kevin about his many pieces of advice and insights, Digital Media proves to be an exciting environment to be in. For 2016, trends only show advertising getting more and more personalized, whether the consumer likes it or not, putting Yext in a good place for business!