TriviaNote: A New Revolutionary Study Tool

Paul Santolla is a Villanova alumni that truly captures the entrepreneurial spirit. I remember the first encounter I had with Paul, Wayne Kimmel a venture capitalist was speaking at the Idea Accelerator. Paul was brave enough to pitch TriviaNote to a room full of peers and professionals. It was inspiring to see someone so passionate about their idea, especially one that can help students of all ages.

I was lucky enough to speak with Jim Vaughn, the social media marketer for TriviaNote. Jim started out as an intern, and now manages TriviaNote’s three social media accounts: Twitter (@TriviaNote), Facebook (TriviaNote), and Instagram (@trivianote). TriviaNote is a way to transform your typed or downloaded notes into trivia games, flashcards, and other interactive study tools to make learning fun and effective. Paul says TriviaNote’s mission is to “revolutionize education through fun and social learning!”

Trivia Note can be used by anyone looking for reliable and organized information. However, TriviaNote helps college, high school, and middle school students as well as their teachers, best. If TriviaNote sounds like the solution to help you ace your classes you will be happy to hear that they are launching a more comprehensive version in March 2016. Its features will include an online note-taking platform, computer-generated study tools, and a social learning experience. The online notebook is neat, organized, and streamlined. It is also accessible on iOS, Android, and Windows devices for easy access at any time. Once the notes are saved they will become computer-generated games and flashcards to make studying engaging and fun. TriviaNote also allows students to challenge one another in class-relevant, study games.

TriviaNote goes beyond Villanova, its co-founder is a St. Joseph’s student. Paul Santolla is a Co-founder and the CEO, Paul is a Villanova University grad from the 2015/2016 year. Evan Megill is a Co-founder and the CFO, he is a St. Joseph’s University 2015/2016 grad. Brady Acton is the CMO and current Villanova student. The companies’ three marketers are Bryan Fishkin (Villanova ’17), Mark Dziubas (St. Joseph’s ’17), and Jimmy Vaughan (Villanova ’18).

I know that when I am studying my phone usually ends up in my hands one way or another. TriviaNote makes it so that being on your phone will actually help you study in a fun and innovative way. I look forward to using TriviaNote to succeed on my finals.