The Company Quietly Revolutionizing the Consumption of Media

Without even knowing anything about the reader of this post, I can almost guarantee you’ve utilized the services of Rovi at least once in your lifetime, without even knowing it.

Rovi is a company based in Santa Clara, California, discreetly changing the way we think about and consume media. They currently own about 5,600 patents relating to media, but they’re best known for their original patents for the traditional “grid guide” features we see on television set top boxes throughout the world. Our company hosts, Sean Matthews and Tom Carson (VSB ’81, ’89) entertained.

The company today is focused on expanding the consumer’s experience with television media even further, however. Their new intellectual property from both research and development efforts works to create a “more seamless” experience for the consumer in enjoying their favorite types of media.

Their newest innovations provide award-winning content discovery solutions to consumers. Their extensive “knowledge graph” allows end users to search Rovi’s extensive collection of television and movie metadata for media related to their personal viewing habits and preferences. Sean also provided some insight into how Rovi is also working to provide useful data to advertisers with their Ad Optimizer service.

Our visit to Rovi was particularly interesting for all of us in the cohort. When one thinks about Silicon Valley, you expect software-based startups and maybe some hardware manufacturers. Sean and Tom were extremely receptive to our questions, ranging from questions on their collection of television metadata to how they see the future of television shaping up in an Internet age. Although our visit occurred on our first day in San Francisco, our visit to Rovi in Santa Clara seems to be shaping up to be one of the most unique.

To learn more about the company, click here.