PARC and Recreation

image (1)The computer mouse. The ethernet. The laser printer: Three innovations that are all common to the typical American. Three innovations that have all be developed at PARC. It’s not a well known fact that once upon a time, Steve Jobs approached PARC and used its technology for the mouse for his Macintosh computer. PARC was doing big things back in the 1970s and still continues to do so today.

We met with Anna Enerio, the Marketing Director at PARC, to dive deeper into the company background and knowledge. Founded back in 1975, PARC just recently celebrated its 40th anniversary. They are in the business of breakthroughs, working with both startups and large, established companies to create some of the world’s leading innovations. PARC is in the future of making things, as technologies that may seem new to the consumer today have really been in use by PARC for 10 years. This only makes us wonder what they are discovering today that we will see 10 years from now.

Not only were we given the chance to learn more about PARC, but we also got the chance to learn more about Anna and her story. A proud Villanova alum herself, Anna studied International Business with a minor in Japanese. Continuing on in her education, she received her masters in International Marketing and Japanese from the Thunderbird School of Management. Originally from the Bay area, she returned home and with the luck of the draw, ended up in the tech industry. Although she suggested to us to not return home after school, her one key take away was to reach out to the dedicated network of Villanova alums. I am proud to say that we, as students on the 2016 Villanova in the Valley program, are already taking her advice, using this opportunity to broaden our networks out in Silicon Valley.

We were in such awe to learn about the technologies at PARC, how groundbreaking yet so prevalent they are in our everyday lives, ranging from technologies we use not only for recreational uses, but also in education, health, and more. We are extremely grateful for the time spent with Anna, and I’m sure our minds wouldn’t be able to fathom the kinds of innovations they are discovering today and expect great things from PARC in the future.

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