More Than Just the Calculator Guy

blog.texasThe second company we visited today was Texas Instruments. We quickly found out they do much more than just make the calculators we have all used in the classroom. TI has won an Oscar for the invention of the DLP (Digital Light Processing) chip, 80% of their revenue comes from analog and embedded processing, they have more than 100,000 customers, and they have over 40,000 patents. Their business works under the five major markets: industrial, automotive, personal electronics, enterprise systems, and communications equipment. And the three major teams include design, marketing, and system applications. 
On our visit, we had the opportunity to speak with and hear from Jon Kiachian, current Product Line Director for the company. Jon has an electrical engineering, as well as a marketing and business educational background. Before coming to TI, he served as VP of Atmel working with Touch Technology. A key point Jon touched upon about Texas Instrument’s projects is that the industrial products are meant to last ten or more years, while the personal products are designed to last approximately 18 months or so because of the constant advancement of technologies.
One of Jon’s greatest challenges was coming into TI from the outside because almost all of their promotions are awarded within the company. Another challenge he spoke of was the process of convincing the customer to buy the semiconductors/chips, where they have to determine how much they will sell for and/or if they should give them one for free as a product trial.
Some final advice Jon had for us is to “always continue to learn, even after college”. The more educational experiences we have and learn from, the more it will help us to “define our own path” throughout our lives and careers.

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