HyTrust and the Year of Encryption

Hytrust is a private cloud security automation company (CSA) in which they develop security for virtual infrastructure. They are partnered with companies such as Cisco, Intel, MacAfee, and VMware. We spoke with Eric Chiu, the co-founder and president of HyTrust who gave us extensive insight into his experiences and his journey to the development and creation of this company.

The development of cloud computing came to fruition within the year 2010. In the midst of Eric’s experience as a venture capitalist, an opportunity had opened in the cloud security market. In an exciting transition from an investor to a founder searching for investments, he utilized his knowledge, credibility, and past connections to lead him and his partner to the accumulation of $5 million dollars in investment. The economic downturn in 2008 proved to keep competition out and allow them to acquire a large market share early on. As the use of cloud computing grows exponentially, the need for security continues to grow as well. Their product is meant to provide a preventative and real-time method to secure data that companies, with significant growth and valuable assets, are encouraged to install. Market adoption of companies recognizing the importance of CSA is what accounts for a large amount of HyTrust’s growth.

In Eric’s words, “2016, and every year, should be the year of encryption.” With the amount of security breaches progressing faster than the development of security technology, a highly dependable encryption technology is necessary for a company to remain stable during their technological growth. In light of this, HyTrust’s goal is to remain competitive in this market by committing 40-45% of their time to innovation, in combination with a balance of keeping their current two products updated and relevant.

In conclusion, HyTrust’s technology is extremely relevant to our lives in the corporate world. Having an understanding cyber security as whole is essential for the generation in the midst of entering the work force. I left knowing that obtaining the knowledge Eric shared with us will prove extremely useful in all of our futures.

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