Hacking into Facebook

blog.2016-01-05 11.26.57To kick off the second day of Villanova in the Valley, we traveled to Facebook’s headquarters at 1 Hacker Way in Menlo Park, and we were immediately immersed in the hacker culture. We were not gaining access to an unauthorized network; but rather, we were witnessing a subculture that clearly has put a focus on the intellectual and creative aspects of overcoming limitations.

We met with Deepanjan De (COE ’04) who was able to expand on what exactly it means to be a Facebook employee. Deep talked about the importance of the motto “done is better than perfect.” He stressed that the motto is about believing in the ideas you come up with, and he loved being a part of a founder-led company with a unique vision.

That vision includes being a part of a company that has to produce applications that have to work for a billion people around the world. And at the same time, Deep emphasized that Facebook realizes that only 40% of the people around the world are connected to the internet. Facebook believes that the internet is a basic right for all people, and that is why they are making attempts to get internet access to underdeveloped countries.

After talking with Deep, we toured the very distinctive and beautiful campus. The art structures, arcade room, music room, and even the restaurants all added something different to the campus feel and cultural vibe. The vibe seemed to be a very open one, as employees have the ability to experience something new and meet someone new each day they go to work.

Another thing that was stressed by both Deep and our tour guide was that it is a strong belief at Facebook that they are only 1% finished. With that being said, I’m sure we are all wondering what new ideas and innovations Facebook will be implementing in the future.