Social Entrepreneurship with Geoffrey Moore

blog.mooreBy luck or somehow by fate, we were given the opportunity to speak with Geoffrey Moore, one of the most influential authors and speakers in the technical space. He wrote Crossing the Chasm, a book which has been referred to as the bible for those who want their bring their products to successful fruition in the high tech marketplace. His American literature degree from Stanford and PhD in English Literature was embodied by his eloquence and sheer depth of knowledge.

“You win, or you learn.” These were the words he opened up our Q&A with, then delving deeper into the five areas of perceived technological growth and opportunity. This included the cloud, mobile devices, social media, computing learning, and the Internet of things. These areas of technological development are displacing the manufacturing market this country has been built on for 50 years. Significant changes are underway for the method by which things are done, only being slowed by the resistance to adaptation by educational and health institutions that would benefit greatly from it.

Geoff discussed technology’s impact on communication and efficiency of society by way of the generational culture that will control it. “Every generation has dethroned the past generation.” In relation to millennials, he predicts that the concentration on social entrepreneurship and selflessness is what will drive this generation in a different way than any before. With technology comes opportunity for everyone in fortunate and less fortunate environments. To some degree, our generation was born into a world that needs help, made visible by the connectivity we possess with the rest of the world. Improvements and advancements are well underway due to this change. For me, Geoff’s time with us was well spent opening up our minds to the direction society is moving and the clear role we, as potential entrepreneurs, play in this important time. On behalf of the Villanova in the Valley team, I thank you for his time and will carry his long lasting impression with me as this unbelievable future unfolds.

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