ForeScout: Securing Networks One IP at a Time

BLOG.FORESCOUTTo end our first awesome day in the Valley, we visited ForeScout which is another cyber security company located in Campbell, CA. Our guest speaker was the CEO and President Michael DeCesare. Mike is an alumni of Villanova, graduating in 1987 with a degree in Communications. He got his start at Oracle eventually becoming VP of Sales. Since then, Mike has held Senior and Executive level positions at Documentum, EMC, McAfee, Intel Security, and now he’s running ForeScout. ForeScout is a 16-year-old company, but has become incredibly relevant in the cyber space as they make a product that monitors, detects, and directs any connection to a company’s network and will allow or prevent them certain access rights. What makes them stand out over their competitors is they can accomplish this access control without installing any special software on each device beforehand.

Mike joked that his main reason for leaving the east coast and making the trek to the Valley was because his buddy was enjoying the warm weather in California while Mike was sitting home in the cold winter. Within days he packed all he could fit in a car and headed west. Mike went from running the one of the top antivirus software companies to working for a company that he believes is the future of security. You can tell just by listening and interacting with Mike how passionate he is about security and the need for new security technologies as what we have currently are no longer sufficient. His focus is to grow ForeScout three-fold over the coming years and by doing so will not only be very profitable, but will make companies and their data much more protected from attacks and theft.

In our short visit so far, we’ve seen that those who’ve had success have been very willing to take big risks and have been heavily rewarded for doing so. Driving through the Valley and passing by so many well-known technology companies has shown me how awesome of a technology epicenter Silicon Valley is and how much I want to be a part of it and work out here. My goal upon completing this year’s program is to do my best to pursue a career out here. Wish me luck!

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