A Recipe to Make a Video Game

Cooking Time: 48 hours

A lot of recipes for video games stress slow-cookers and years of prep before cooking,

but we’re going to be using an exciting new method called a game jam.

A game jam is a concentrated creative effort to create a game within a set time limit.

Often roasted for 48 hours over the weekend, game jams can be used by people of all

skills and levels to inject “fun”, “excitement”, and “sleep deprivation” into their lives.


1. Friends and peers (large numbers recommended). Rapport with friends can be

5 years or 5 minutes long, as long as you are committed to using the game jam

to its fullest. Peers who have never met one another can make for some of the

most savory jams. A variety of talents is also key here. A jam of all developers

will sorely lack for an artist, singer, or writer.

2. Technology to create (1:1 ratio with friends). Examples of such technology are

laptops, internet, tablets, new tech you’ve wanted to play with. Check with your

local ICE institute for access and inspiration.

3. Space. While remote baking is possible with today’s technology, gathering all

your peers into one place for prep and cooking is ideal. Someplace open 24 with

easy access to food. Again, the ICE is ideal for this.

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