John Leahy on KIND Snacks’ New Innovation

KINDOn Thursday, November 12th, President of KIND Snacks John Leahy visited the Villanova School of Business to speak about the ideas and the marketing behind their new product line of Healthy Grains Breakfast Bars. They have always been in the “healthy snack” market, and recently they entered the market of savory tastes to accompany foods and beverages such as beer and cheese with their “STRONG” line. In order to reach a new market, KIND decided to create a breakfast bar. They created a healthy bar that would reach a diverse group of customers, as it is gluten free and non-GMO, having 5 super grains including oats, millet, buckwheat, amaranth, and quinoa. There are only two other brands that have foods considered “breakfast” bars, BelVita and Nature Valley, both of which do not contain these super grains and are not gluten-free. Additionally, each pack is only 220 calories, contains fiber and protein, and it includes two filling, substantial bars. The company exclusively released this product with Target, which makes it available to a vast majority of people across the country. They are a part of Target’s “Made to Matter” collection, which includes brands that encompass health and wellness.

I attended Leahy’s lecture, and he was kind enough to provide the group with samples. He paired each bar with a banana, and I can attest that it was a very satisfying and filling breakfast. I am sure that this product is going to revolutionize the breakfast industry.