ICE Challenge Teams Present Ideas For New Ventures

2015.11.18.IdeaBounce (18)For the first time ever, the ICE Challenge featured freshmen from Villanova School of business, College of Engineering and College of Nursing. This further enhances the mission of the ICE Institute by reaching a cross-college population and bringing innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship to all students at Villanova.

The top teams from each individual class gave a 90 second elevator pitch which was scored by the judges. Judges also represented each college as well as a variety of companies.

A winning team was selected from each college. The top College of Engineering Team was Txt4Life presented by Daniel Pino, Jacob Hisel, Kelly Jusczak, Mary Helen Baudinet. The top College of Nursing Team was Super Nurse! by Erin Donnelly. The top Villanova School of Business Team was Coffee Drops presented by John Abela, John Conboy, Maureen Archbold, Paul Cantilina, Thomas Anderson. Finally, rounding out the Top 5 was Brace Yourself presented by Alyssa Brady, Amanda Andsager, Melissa Polin (VSB) and Present Pal by Alex Jeong, Alyssa Lopes, Daniel Jordan, Michael Husch (VSB). The winning teams received a $100 gift card to the Villanova University Bookstore for each person that presented.