The Difference Italy Makes: Bringing a New Perspective to Villanova

The Difference Italy MakesFrom October to December, Villanova will be welcoming a lecture series entitled “The Difference Italy Makes.” Dr. Luca Cottini is organizing this series with the Italian Studies Program and various other organizations including the ICE Institute. Through a unique lens, these events seek to explore the impact that Italy has on the lives and outlooks of people. The speeches aim to show that Italy not only provides value through its rich history, but also offers an immense cultural contribution to society today.

Italian culture already has a large presence at Villanova with approximately one third of the student body being of Italian heritage. However, a deeper exploration of the Italian culture has great potential for stimulating new ideas by offering a different perspective than typically seen in the United States. Dr. Cottini explained, “Having access to this culture expands horizons and allows people to expand their understanding of what man is.” By raising diverse questions and offering different models, the Italian perspective has the potential to steer the United States away from the tendency to maintain stagnant viewpoints in order to help people develop a greater understanding of reality.

In assembling the speakers for this series, Dr. Cottini sought out passionate and interesting people who could share their personal experiences with Italian culture and their careers on a meaningful level. Dr. Cottini stated, “To encounter these great people is the first step to grow and desire more.” These speakers will discuss a variety of topics from fashion and food to pharmaceuticals and finance. However, they will go beyond speaking in merely economic language by discussing their work in personal and cultural terms. With this perspective, they hope to express how work relates to a person’s humanity and describe how to find meaning and enjoyment in life through taste and human reflection.

“The Difference Italy Makes” is part of an ongoing effort to bring in the greater Villanova community to explore Italian culture and foster new perspectives. With such an impressive lineup of passionate speakers and the potential to stimulate new insights, this series offers an immense opportunity for students, faculty, and community members to step into a different culture and change the way they view the world.