Dr. James Klingler becomes Entrepreneur-in-Residence

The ICE Institute is happy to have Dr. James Klingler continue his work with the program in his new role of Entrepreneur-in-Residence. As a professor at Villanova, Dr. Klingler has been a key figure in entrepreneurial education since its early development at the university. Before the advent of an official entrepreneurship program, he worked with students in his office developing ideas, advised aspiring entrepreneurs, and even taught a small business management class. He went on to advise the Villanova Entrepreneurship Society and play active roles in the formation of the entrepreneurship minor and the ICE Institute.

Referencing his new position, Dr. Klingler said, “I’m going to be free to do what I have always loved the most which is working with young people with ideas.” Furthermore, he is excited by the potential of the ICE Institute to aid in breaking down the walls between colleges to create a truly integrated educational experience. He feels that this aspect is incredibly important, because entrepreneurial ventures are not one dimensional so entrepreneurship education should not be either. Overall, he is extremely passionate about entrepreneurship education as a whole and sees fantastic potential to develop entrepreneurs out of people who would not have thought of themselves as entrepreneurs otherwise.