Villanova Dining Named College Innovator

When the International Foodservice Manufacturers Association (IFMA) presented its Gold Plate Award to Timothy Dietzler in 2010 it just might have ushered in a renaissance in thinking across the world of college and university campuses. Or, it might just be coincidental that “five years ago there began a great determination on the part of college administrators to figure out what drives satisfaction, retention and graduation rates,” Dietzler asserts.

As director of dining services at Villanova University since 2002 (he’s been employed there since 1987), Dietzler credits Texas Tech University with revealing at the National Association of College and University of Food Services (NACUFS) national conference in 2013 that students who live on campus and purchase a meal plan do better academically — leading to better retention and graduation rates — and that “empirical data resulted in an explosion” of interest among well-respected industry consultants.

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