Visiting Indy Hall

This past week, Christina Maltese and I of Wildcat Cakes visited Indy Hall in Philadelphia. Indy Hall, located outside of the historical district, and about two blocks away from the Delaware River, is a co-working space in which different kinds of people can share a space, and work on their respective projects. It is open and free to anyone, and its members are more than willing to explain what they are all about, and showcase the two-story space that isn’t easy on the senses. Artists, developers, business people, computer engineers, and entrepreneurs are only a few of the type of people that Indy Hall draws in through its doors. Indy Hall functions on a membership basis by providing varying levels of work spaces. Full-time members are given a key to Indy Hall, as well as a personal black desk which can only be used and organized by that member. Part-time members are given red desks to use but the red desks may be used by other part time members. People that are not members but would still like to take part in Indy Hall are allowed to use the free yellow desks, but they can be used by anyone.

During our tour of Indy Hall, we found out the beauty of why co-working spaces can be life-changing for entrepreneurs. In one particular story that we heard, two members of Indy Hall found out through random conversation that they both spoke Chinese. A couple lunch outings later, and the two people decided to open a Chinese restaurant in the city and truly believe that Indy Hall was the reason for their launch. In another story, an aspiring video game developer went into Indy Hall to find a graphic designer for a video game he was planning on working on. He found one and was able to go through with the production of his video game. These stories showcase the importance of co-working spaces as a place of growth and overall intellectual meeting.

Overall, Indy Hall is a place where people of any occupation and livelihood can meet and put themselves in a position for success. The amount of friendliness and overall care to help really makes this place special. Indy Hall embodies a small community as everything there is shared, from the kitchen, to the work stations. It invites people to come together and do something unique that no other place can do, and that is to get people talking. It really was a worthwhile experience to go and learn about how beneficial co-working space is.