Tech in Motion Philadelphia

Last Thursday night, I attended Tech in Motion Philadelphia’s health tech innovations meet-up. It can be very intimidating going into the city, going to an event where you do not know anyone, and most of the people at the meet-ups are young professionals already pursuing their innovative ideas in the real world. The interesting thing is that many of these established business people love to talk to students that take the initiative to learn more about entrepreneurship and innovation.

The event was setup with a guest speaker, followed by pitches from innovative companies starting up in health in Philadelphia, capped off with networking. The guest speaker was Tom Olenzack, who is the Director of Innovation and Corporate Development of Independence Blue Cross. Tom spoke on his works in identifying external sources of innovation to address the issues regarding the cost and quality of healthcare. He specifically spoke on how much money the US spends on healthcare compared to other countries and that we have to use innovation to improve the delivery of healthcare.

The companies that gave pitches were Better Alerts, Third Eye, Biomeme, EyeIC, BioBots,, and TowerView Health. Better Alerts is a company that uses a smart watch to remind people when to take their medication. The smart watch also has a shock sensor so it can sense when a person falls, and will alert the emergency services. Third Eye is a product for blind people. It utilizes smart glasses to take pictures of what is in front of someone who is blind, and will tell the person what it is. Biomeme uses an app on a smartphone to determine your DNA makeup. EyeIC is a product that helps personal physicians detect eye disease. BioBots uses 3D printers to make limbs for those who lost them. Finally, TowerView Health uses an automatic medication filler to help Chronically ill patients take their medication.

Although my entrepreneur goals may not include health or an innovative technological product, you can take what other entrepreneurs learned in their struggles and successes in applying to your own projects.