Review of Ray Walheim

As an entrepreneur, especially a student entrepreneur, when we think of our brilliant ideas and begin to wonder how to create a business, one thing that can be scary is how much money it takes to start a business. There are material costs, marketing costs, and operations costs. Luckily for entrepreneurs, there are people like Ray Walheim who are angel investors that invest money into startups at an early stage in the startup’s process.

Ray Walheim is a graduate of Villanova, both as an undergrad and from the law school. Ray is a member of Investors Circle (an early stage investor network), Dreamit Ventures (an accelerator designed to help people with ideas, build companies), Robin Hood Ventures (a group of angel investors focused on early stage companies), and Funders’ Club.

Ray spoke on the challenges of an investor as well as what entrepreneurs can do to make their venture more appealing to investors. The numbers behind entrepreneurs and investors are scary. Only one third of new ventures in the US get funds from venture capitalists, and only one in twenty are successful businesses. Because of these realities, investors are picky with who they lend money to. Ray instilled three important things when pitching to investors: make sure there is a market for your idea, listen to the critics of the investors, and have passion in your idea.

Investors are scary; they can be the difference between a successful business or another notch as a failed business. With careful research and faith in your idea, you can be appealing to investors and one step closer to success.