Powerteam International Small Business Workshop

On March 26, 2015, I attended the Small Business Workshop in Philadelphia, PA held by Powerteam International. Powerteam International is one of the leading companies in educating individuals on business success through workshops, venture funding and entrepreneurial training programs. The President and CEO of Powerteam International is the world-renowned speaker, William (Bill) Walsh. Bill Walsh is a successful entrepreneur, marketing expert and radio, Internet and television celebrity. Bill’s background primarily focuses on foreign currency trading, real estate development and building companies. Currently, Bill Walsh spends most of his time growing Powerteam International around the world by funding and coaching companies from all different industries. Bill Walsh led this workshop by first introducing himself and then speaking on topics of how to build a successful company. Specifically, Bill gave advice on turning a passion into success and business growth.

On the topic of business growth, he provided advice on: creating and developing a business plan, business funding, marketing strategies, social media, getting organized, team building and the importance of leadership. The three areas of the workshop that provided me with the best advice, however, were social media, team building and leadership. In the area of social media, Bill emphasized the importance of how to positively present your business on the Internet in order to help gain potential clients. Before the workshop, I knew that social media was an important factor in business growth, but I did not realize that the way in which one presents one’s business has an affect on the kinds of clients and viewers one can attract. The topic of team building also resonated with me because I did not understand how largely important choosing a team is in trying to grow a business. Bill spoke on how to select a team that will help one’s business succeed in every step of the way and spoke on the importance of selecting individuals that are as passionate as one. The final topic that inspired me was on leadership. Aside from learning about Bill’s background on leadership, he provided advice on how important it is to go above and beyond in order to help one’s business grow and flourish. Overall, the workshop inspired me to not only become a better leader, but a better businesswoman.